Weekly News and Tip, August 16, 2007

Tip - Welcome and Welcome Back
CELT's weekly News and Tip is designed to help you with your teaching at every point in the semester. Today's tip highlights a wealth of information from CELT's webpage on getting ready for your first day of class. See "101 Ideas for a Great Start" at:
and suggestions for a successful first week of class at:

Announcement - Learning Technologies Schedule Is Online

  • The fall schedule of CELT's Teaching and Learning Technology Workshops is now available. These workshops include basic and advanced training in ISU's WebCT system, as well as sessions on teaching with student response systems or "clicker" technology. See the schedule at: http://www.celt.iastate.edu/events/homepage.html
FYI - Learning and Teaching and the Lectures Program
Town Meeting on Iraq; Selling a Global Economy; Globalization and Culture - and that's just before Labor Day! The ISU Lectures Program offers a great way to augment your teaching, as speakers come to campus with expertise in many different areas. This fall will be especially lively because it will soon be presidential caucus season. Learn about what's coming up at:

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