New Look for CELT Web

CELT’s web site has a new look—and new features to welcome your participation. In addition, there are now multiple ways to locate resources. On the right side of most of the pages is a simplified menu, which you can toggle to view a cloud of tags that refer to topical content within the CELT site. Also, most of the pages have links to the site index, site map, and site search.

Timely news and tips, such as the one you are reading will be posted in this weblog (blog) format. This allows visitors to provide comments, feedback, and suggestions. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the redesigned site.

About the Tag Cloud
Only a few of the pages have been tagged so far. As we continue to tag the rest of the content in the site, the font size of tags within the cloud will reflect the relative frequency of pages to which that tag has been applied.

It’s a Mashup!
Mashup is the term that has recently been used to refer to web pages that contain content from more than one database. Rather than duplicating what is publicly available, we decided to use for tagging and Google Blogger for news and tips. CELT's use of these tools, does not imply their endorsement over any of the several other services that provide similar functionality.

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