Weekly News and Tip, April 10, 2008

Tip - Using ELMO Wisely
Many classrooms on campus are equipped with an ELMO, or electronic document camera, that works like an overhead projector but shows three-dimensional items and color. Several resources on the Web outline how to use this equipment for optimal results. For an introduction and overview, see Basics about Document Cameras.
Also providing basic information with a friendly tone is the aptly-named Tickling the Elmo.
Slightly more technical Document Camera Tips and Guidelines are available.

Announcements - CELT Programming
Register for CELT events via AccessPlus (go to the Employee tab, then to HRS Training > Continue > Courses).

  • Teaching & Learning and Social Networking Technology, today, 1:10-2:30 p.m., 1230 Communications.
  • eDoc Electronic Portfolio System, Tuesday, April 15, 1:10-2 p.m., 1230 Communications. See how eDoc can help students store, build upon, and comment on their learning.
  • Teaching and Learning in a MUVE (Second Life), Thursday, April 17, 1:10-3 p.m., 1230 Communications. Interested in what SecondLife is all about? ISU faculty are already using this software, which offers the possibility of new ways to teach and learn.
  • Your Fall ’08 Syllabus, Friday, April 18,12:10-1:30 p.m., 2030 Morrill. Plan now for a successful next semester.

FYI - Register for the Learning Communities Institute; Library Workshop Planned
  • "Getting Your Grant! Using the Foundation Center's Resources to Write Award-Winning Grant Proposals" will be presented byJan Fryer, Assistant Professor, Parks Library, and Rebecca Jackson, Associate Professor, Parks Library, Wednesday, April 16, 3:15-4:30 p.m., 192 Parks. Parks Library participates in the Foundation Center's Cooperating Collections program, giving you access to databases containing detailed information about grant makers and grants. Faculty, staff, and students welcome. Pre-register for Getting Your Grant!

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