CELT's New Web 2.0 Features

Tag cloud
No more guessing where to find what you are looking for. The content of many of the pages within the CELT web site has been tagged.

Use the tag cloud tab at the upper right to access a complete list of pages related to specific tagged content.

Tags with larger and darker fonts identify a greater number of pages with those tags. For example: interactive+activities may link to about twice as many pages as formative+evaluation

News feeds
You can have CELT news and tips come directly to you. All the latest CELT news and announcements can be brought in to any news aggregator (RSS feed reader), such as an iGoogle or Yahoo homepage—even a button on your browser's toolbar.

Commenting on weekly news and tips
News and tips are posted in a web log (blog). Comments are welcome! Just click "comments" immediately following the post.


CELT said...

These new features have been integrated into the CELT web site using services that are publicly available at no cost. We chose to use Google Blogger for posting and commenting, Google Calendar for event scheduling, del.icio.us for social bookmarking (content tagging), and FeedBurner for syndication of CELT news and tips.

CELT's use of these services does not imply their endorsement over any other services that provide similar functionality.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, comments and critical feedback are always welcome!

CELT said...

If you would like assistance with these new features or would like to learn more about potential uses of social networking technology for teaching and learning at Iowa State, contact celtweb@iastate.edu