A Mid-term Formative Evaluation

You can learn a great deal about how your students are learning in a course, and what adjustments both you and your students might make, by asking your students to give your course a mid-term evaluation. Dr. Michael Martin, Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, explains how and why to do midterm evaluations, and how a "formative" evaluation differs from a "summative", or end-of-term, evaluation.

Students engaged in small group activity Watch the 9-minute clip to see Dr. Martin describe the midterm assessment to his students.

Review CELT's directions for doing a formative plus/delta.

Note: You will need RealPlayer to view these video clips. If you do not have RealPlayer, you can get a free download at www.real.com. If RealPlayer does not automatically launch these clips, they may have been downloaded to your desktop.

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